Before I Go

I would like to write before I travel.

I’ve been so inspired all my life to go somewhere new and experience the world. After all, how can you know who you really are if you’ve been shaped by the same environment all your life? You just can’t.

But I thought, I also have a unique perspective too. So before I go, I want to remind all you travellers what it’s like to look at the world with fresh eyes. Maybe the world is still a mystery to you, as it should be, but with every new experience something very valuable is lost.

I’m talking about the wonder – the absolute wonder. Like when you were a child and there was so much you didn’t know, life outside your little bubble felt unattainable. There is always more to know, and to experience; but with every “new” we lose a little bit of innocence to the world.

It’s this overwhelming feeling like you’re going off the edge, you are about to experience something that will change your life forever. I hope it does change me. I want nothing more than to have my world turned right around without any control. Have you ever felt that? Out of control? It’s thrilling to think that what’s ahead of you is unknown, but it’s yours.

For those of you who haven’t travelled very much, I hope this gets you too. Find something you want and immerse yourself in it, feel every moment you can with everything you have, and live.

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