Where Meaning is Found

Addicted to emotions, we are constantly trying to feel. Is it wrong that we give actions and words meaning, even though it may not really exist?

Meaning is what we exist for. Whatever that meaning is to you, it keeps you going, it gives you purpose. It’s very interesting to me that this meaning is different for everyone. We assign actions and words meaning, and we feel their impact when they are said or done. I think we forget it is synthetic, but does it really matter? If meaning is arbitrary, is our existence arbitrary too?

Why would it matter though? If we are here anyways, searching for something that will make us feel, and we have already constructed these meanings. I don’t know that this is a question we can really answer. Should we?

All I can say is that when you feel something, embrace it. If meaning is arbitrary, it’s counter insignificance is too. I think too many people get caught up trying to find some sort of purpose, and are worried there isn’t one. In the end does it matter? if something is meaningful to you, enjoy it, love it, do it. You can’t know how meaningful something actually is, all you know is how meaningful it is to you. That’s what’s important, meaning is how it makes you feel. Chase a feeling that will keep you going. Find things that make you feel good, feel love, feel happiness, feel warmth, feel inspired… and then you will find meaning.

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