Your Existence in the Eyes of the World

Do you like the person that you are?

Sometimes I question why people like me for who I am. Not because I feel I’m a bad person, but because I know they don’t really know me. Think about it. Do you even really know yourself? You have ideas of who you would like to be, how you see yourself right now, who you thought you were years ago… but who are you in this exact moment?

It’s really a complex question about existence. I’m always wondering how people see me, mostly because I am aware that the way I see myself might not necessarily be they way I really am.

To answer my own question, I like who I am. How many people really love who they are right now? I think it’s difficult to really love yourself and be accepting of who you are, but at the same time, even more difficult not to. You are your own person, you can be who you want, and if you don’t know yourself, how can anybody else?

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