Happy Hour

Those people in the pictures, are they really, truly happy? Is it better to pretend to be happy, than to be totally honest with the world around you? Who says faking it isn’t close enough to the real thing anyways?

I didn’t want to write about anything upsetting, because I wanted to inspire people to be as happy as they can be, enjoy their lives, and make the most of what they have. That’s not too much to ask, that’s not unrealistic, but it’s not easy. Especially when I am fully aware there is a darker side to our existence. It’s cold, it’s raw, and it’s scary.

Through these low moments we ask a lot of questions. Questions about ourself, our existence, the world around us. Are there encompassing laws about our life, and how we must lead it? This stresses a lot of people out, it stresses me out! People are sad, well, they get sad. We are not “sad.” You can be tall or short, black or white, fat or thin, but you are not happy or sad. The best part about your emotions, is you choose them.

So often I wonder, is it more important to project happiness or internalize it? You can do both, but you can also pretend, you can fake it. Would it be better to let the world think you are a happy person? Or is honestly more important than that?

I think sometimes we prevent ourselves from being happy. Thank the media, drugs, institution, whatever holds you back. And question if your happiness is real.

But don’t think you don’t have control over your happiness. Take a bad day, a bad week, maybe you had a bad year, and end that chapter. Take one more moment, because sometimes we do need to be sad, think about it, reflect, mourn, whatever you need to do. But don’t let it consume you. You can’t keep telling yourself you have time to change, time to be happy later, you don’t. Hopefully you do. But if there is one thing we are always running out of, it’s time. So make time to be happy, whatever that means to you.

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