Morning Coffee

It’s a simple pleasure, but it can mean so much. Waking up in the morning, one thing I am grateful for every day is that little cup of caffeine.

It can be a moment you take for yourself in the morning. This moment, whether it’s taking your first sip on the train, sitting in a café in the early morning, creeping into the kitchen to pour your first cup. This moment is for you.

It doesn’t have to be long, it could be as simple as a deep breath. It doesn’t have to be short, either. What matters is that this moment is absolutely yours. Share it with others if you like, enjoy their company and time. Spend it alone, reflect on yourself and the future. But take this moment every day, twice if you need. Find peace and happiness in something.

Maybe you don’t drink coffee. Maybe your morning bliss is found elsewhere. That’s ok. The significance lies in the moment where the clock is ticking, and there you are, completely present with yourself. In the moment where the chaos around you is insignificant, all that matters is what you have, who you love, where you are.

It’s not selfish. If you think you don’t have time, you don’t deserve it, can’t afford it. You do, and you can. You may realize one day that that these small, insignificant moments, are the most important. This, the feelings, the moments, the thoughts, this is what you will remember.

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