The Right Moments

No obligations, nothing pressing, nobody to direct or demand you. It’s a freeing feeling. Very often we feel some sort of duty to the world around us, and with good reason. But do we not also live for the moments we take for ourselves? Maybe they’re not long, maybe we still spend these moments moving toward a goal or complete a task, maybe these moments we take for ourselves are still for other people.

These moments aren’t necessarily about meditation or self, but they’re still about you. These are the bigger moments. The moments you fill your life with. And I want you to fill your life with the right moments. Are you happy with your job, your education, your lifestyle, your friends? In the end, this is your life, and it’s about you. You should never feel obligated to anything that makes you unhappy.

It’s not about making every moment perfect or rebelling when you don’t agree. It’s about being content with the grand scheme of things. You deserve it.

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