What is Your Time Worth to You?

Being able to spend time doing the things you like, or being with the people you love, are some of the most important aspects of the human life. I think sometimes we get so busy we forget life isn’t just about the job and the money. Samuel Johnson said, “it’s better to live rich than to die rich,” and money isn’t necessarily the only determinant of wealth.

The people you choose to love and the experiences you choose to have are what fill your life with meaning and memories. It would be silly to recall your life based on how much money you had in your bank account, but not the people you were surrounded by. That’s because they’re not the same. Money doesn’t have the same value that people do, and the innate value of an experience isn’t based on how much is cost.

It’s not that we shouldn’t care about money or our job, I think they add a valuable sense of purpose and accomplishment to our lives. But they’re not the only thing to live for. So don’t stress out over the small things and don’t let them ruin your day. We make money to spend, we can always make more. We can‘t make more time, so the most valuable thing you can do is spend it well.

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