When the World Unfolds

We’re planners. We plan things, hope for things to go a certain way, create scenarios in our head how things could potentially turn out. We’re futurists.

We want things to go our way, turn out how we plan. But sometimes, usually, they don’t.

Some of the most incredible moments in life are not planned. Thing’s don’t always turn out the way you want them to, but when they happen, they happen in their own unique way. That’s part of what makes them special and memorable. If you knew how an event would turn out, what would be exciting about it? Sure, we enjoy moments for what they are, but not knowing is thrilling, and when something takes you by surprise… well that’s the excitement of life.

Trying to manipulate things to happen In just the right way at the right time seems kind of forced, fake even. When you just let things unfold they’re pure. Not that we shouldn’t plan and hope and dream, but we shouldn’t be upset when things don’t go just as we expected. Life just happens, whether part of some divine plan or not, it happens the way it does. You can’t change it or fight it, so you might as well enjoy it.

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