What does it mean to be successful? To have success? To succeed? Is success measurable? Can you obtain it? Have it? See it? Feel it? Track it? Reach it? Is success universal or subjective? Static or dynamic? Does success even exist?

I think we all have the capacity to be successful, we just have to determine what it means to have success. Success is different for everyone, you determine what success is, and if you have achieved it or not. Who you think is successful and what it is about their success says a lot about you and your goals, what you believe in, and what matters to you. We can all look at the world as being full of opportunity, different opportunities with different levels of importance to each of us.

Your goals, your passions, your vision of success, it shouldn’t matter to anyone else but yourself. What you see as being successful is entirely specific to you. Don’t compare yourself or your success to anyone else, because it just doesn’t matter. We all started from different places and have a different destination in mind. Find your own goals, enjoy the process and keep reaching for success.

doorway to beach, successful
door open beack, successful

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