Passion is persistence through failure. We learn some of the most important things about ourselves through failure. It is through the possibility of failure we give things value, and determine self-worth. Failure is inevitable. Failure is unavoidable. Failure is necessary.river, failure

I hate to fail. I hate to lose. I hate to take steps backwards. I feel like it is a waste of time – and I hate to waste time. I do not like to fail, I like to move forward. Perfection is not failure, and I strive for perfection. Failure is not always to move backwards, but sometimes it is not to move at all. Staying stationary, lack of progression, to me is failure.

But failure is a part of life – a very important part. Sometimes we need to fail, to fall behind or move in the wrong direction. Sometimes failure can show us what is really important to us – are you willing to persist through failure?

It is ok to fail. It is ok to lose. It is ok to lack progression.

It is not ok to let failure keep you from trying. It is not ok to accept failure without questioning it, evaluating it, or learning from it. Failure is inevitable, unavoidable, and necessary. Success is how you let failure shape you, challenge you, and change you.

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