Unfortunately we often do not realize how fortunate we really are until we look back and reflect. We often only experience gratitude in a nostalgic sense, and not for the present moment. We often focus too greatly on the negative, and forget how positive things really are.

I like to think we forget to be grateful and optimistic because we are so driven, and to be satisfied would give us no reason to grow. I’m sure that’s not true, I’m sure we just get caught up and forget, but I’m also sure we don’t mean to – we don’t mean tfall, water, fortunateo be ungrateful.

When I look back, even if only by a few months
, I never remember anything wrong – the hard things, the sad, the ugly, the negativity, it doesn’t exist in my past. Yes, it existed, but I tend not to bring these feelings with me. For the most part I can only remember good things – I don’t deny bad things happened, because nobody’s life is perfect, but they’re never the first things to come to mind. It’s a gift and a flaw, because I’ll make the same mistakes time and time again, but it makes me extremely grateful.

I am grateful, when I reflect I truly love the life I have led. I wish I could carry this gratitude with me all the time, and feel fortunate for every moment. I wish everyone could know how gratitude feels, how fortunate we are, how beautiful life is.

We have bad days, we feel sad sometimes, we get frustrated and stressed. Life is not perfect, but one bad moment doesn’t need to turn to a bad day, to a bad week, to cause us stress and make us feel lesser than we are. In the future you’ll look back at this moment and be grateful for what it is, you’ll look back and you won’t remember the bad or the sad. You’ll remember how happy you were, how you felt, the positive energy, the hopefulness, and you’ll think how fortunate you were. I hope you feel fortunate, I know you are fortunate, and I hope you know how fortunate you are now.

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