The Loneliest Place is in the American Dream

The Loneliest Place is in the American Dream


Spending too much time chasing what you’re told you want is going to leave you lonely and incredibly disappointed. Thinking too much about what you are supposed to do and wmonopoly-american-dreamho you are supposed to be leaves little room for you to figure out what you truly want and who you truly are.


The American Dream is an ideology that we all want the same thing and think the same way to reach the same goals under different circumstances. We are all unique in the sense that our life is an idiosyncratic journey to the same place – taking over the monopoly board however best suits us at a random roll of the dice.


I like the idea of convention because it gives life a great sense of meaning and direction if you’re lost. However, feeling lost suggests there is somewhere you are supposed to be in the first place. Maybe being lost is better, to not have any particular place to go, but to go any particular place.


What does it matter if you do things differently – do things for you because you like them and they make you feel better. Do things because they fill you with happiness and allow you to have fun. Enjoy your life because one day all you’ll have is to look back and see where you came from. If all you have at the end of it all are some paper bills and plastic housing then that’s just great, if that’s what you truly want.

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