How One Year Can Change Your World: Take Action to Create the Life You Deserve

Your world can change in an instant. Your choice or not.

Imagine what can happen in a week if you let it? A month? A year? You can be a new person 365 days from now. You can have a whole new perspective on what this world really is.

We’re going on a trip. A long trip. We’re leaving Toronto, where we are comfortable and life is safe. We’re going around the world. And all it took was a quick decision, and within 24 hours our life just started to change.

Marc and Avalon
Marc and Avalon

Our story starts a little over a year ago, when I met Marc. I remember the first time I saw him. I had recently moved to Toronto to finish school. I was interviewing for my soon-to-be job as a personal trainer at a gym Downtown. I saw him passing by. We made eye contact. I don’t think he said hi, but he nodded. I smiled.

Marc already worked at the gym as a trainer, he had been there a few months. After a while we started to get to know each other. I can’t say I loved him at first sight. I would like to think that, but it’s not true. I had a boyfriend at the time. I will say I was very drawn to Marc. I found him interesting. I could talk to him. I could tell him things I don’t easily share with other people. He was very wise and had this incredibly compelling presence.

We would go for coffee, talk between clients. Eventually we started working out together. We became friends. I really liked talking to him. I didn’t think anything would ever happen, honest. I was in a relationship at the time. I knew I was unhappy, but I shut out the idea of anything else.

It would be ugly the way some things happened. I think if I was true to myself the whole time things would be different. My relationship would have ended a long time ago, well before I met Marc. But if things happened differently I might not have met Marc in the first place.

Our relationship has been very impulsive. That’s not a bad thing. Right away we just clicked. We moved in together. Have been able to talk about anything from the start. We’re honest with each other. We laugh, we cry, we teach and learn so much from each other. We push each other to grow.

We fight, we disagree, we have had our share of communication issues. I wouldn’t want you to think the past year has been all happy-go-lucky. It’s been far from that. We’ve both been sick a dozen times, to the hospital kind of sick. We’ve had hard times at work, we’ve struggled. But we’ve gone through it all together.

Kona, Hawaii. November 2017
Kona, Hawaii. November 2017

In November, we went to Hawaii.

We were there for two weeks, but it took less than two days to fall in love with it. I kind of had to convince Marc to take a vacation in the first place. He had to convince me to come back home. That’s how our relationship works. We knew it was perfect, we promised ourselves we would come back.

In December I got sick.

We were back at work for two days before I got iritis. It was a pretty bad eye condition. Because I have a history with my eyes, having had Retinoblastoma, I am legally blind without contacts or glasses. I couldn’t work for a month. Sitting with nothing to do for a month was eye opening, it forced me to think.

It All Changed so Fast

As I write this we are 5 days into January. If you asked me a week ago, I was a Personal Trainer downtown with a dream to go backpacking, worried shitless about paying rent, making money, finding a new place to live. On Monday I was still off work, ready and motivated to turn things around for a successful new year. Tuesday was my first day back to work, something felt odd about being there. Wednesday I booked our flight to Hawaii to begin our journey around the world. Thursday we quit our jobs. Friday I am writing this and not even looking back on our decision.

Somewhere between Monday and Wednesday I had this realization that if I didn’t just do the thing, it would never get done. I had always wanted to go backpacking, I saved my money and graduated without debt so I could go. Then I actually graduated, was already working, thought I was content, and so… I didn’t go. I truly felt like I was missing a part of myself, because I made myself a promise and didn’t fulfill it. Since then I’ve been sick, depressed, angry, sad, more times than I can count. Even though I told myself I was happy, in a job I truly do love, something was still missing.

So I took action

Which is very different from making a decision. I told Marc I was going, met with hesitation at first, he wanted to join me. I didn’t make that decision for him, honestly I would have gone alone. But that’s what we do, we push each other to do things that are uncomfortable. And within two days of returning to work, I was already taking on a new adventure.


One Year Changed My Life

But that’s what it is. I look back and the whole year lead up to these last few days. From meeting Marc, to traveling, to getting sick and returning to work. It all makes sense. Although my life seems to sporadically change in a matter of hours, and it does, the whole puzzle fits together. I am very excited for this new chapter, and even more excited to share it with you.

You should know the same applies to you – YOU can change the way the world works for you. You have full control. Sometimes logic gets in the way, we think too much about others, overrate the situation in our head. Don’t forget that if your own cup is empty you’ll have nothing to give. It only takes one day, one minute, one choice to lead the life you deserve.

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