Positive Affirmations: Create Greatness

A New Beginning is an Affirmation

What is an affirmation? A mantra. Your voice in your head telling you how it is.

And that’s so powerful. You’re telling yourself it’s all going to be different.

It’s going to work out

This is exciting

This is new

I have the world ahead of me

I have a fresh start

I can do anything

I am happy

Meditation and positive affirmation
Meditation and positive affirmation. Kauai, Hawaii. November 2017.

And by telling yourself everything is about to change, it does.

Your mind is powerful.

The same goes if you tell yourself it’s not going to work out. If things are bad, they’re bad. If things are good, they’re good. However hat is a choice you make for yourself.

Think about that when you are presented with change – how is this going to make your life more awesome?

What’s the best part?

YOU can make your life better without a dramatic life-changing event.

I realize that I didn’t need to be sick at home for a month to decide to travel the world. Yes – I waited till I was sick to make the choice. But I could have gone at any time. Nobody was stopping me. In fact, I was encouraged and congratulated for making a choice for ME.

The only thing stopping me from making the choice sooner was myself.

The affirmations I was telling myself before hand sounded like, I can’t leave to travel, I have to stay here, I have a job I can’t leave. But that was all in my head, I was telling myself I couldn’t and I was right. No matter what you tell yourself, you are right.

Do not wait for things to happen to you to invite positive change.

Those high vibe affirmations you tell yourself when you get a new beginning? You can say those every day. You don’t need a reason to say nice things to yourself.


Here are a few things you can put into practice right now

  1. Forgive Yourself – Don’t wait for some sign that you can make positive change again if you already messed up on your new years resolution or are waiting for Monday to try to eat healthy again. Wherever you went wrong just forgive yourself and move on.
  2. Be nice to yourself and say nice things – You are who you think you are, so why not tell yourself you are wonderful? Your subconscious is probably full of negative mantras, try to think positive. Say three nice things about yourself when you look in the mirror. It feels silly at first but if your first reaction is to point out what you think are flaws how are you ever going to love yourself.
  3. Make a positive change today – You can choose any time to make a positive change. Often we hold on to things too long, past the point where they no longer serve us. I recently wrote a post on www.thecompasstree.ca about Your Health Compass and it’s full of tips to change your lifestyle. Pick on and start right now!


Treat yourself with the respect you deserve. A new beginning is an opportunity to change your life. Every day can be a new beginning, you don’t need wait for something life-changing to change your life.

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