The Gift of Sight: How Faith Really Works

You Can’t Fake Faith

One of the most powerful capabilities of the human mind is its ability to create faith. It may sound hokey, but it works. The twist is that you can’t fake it – if it’s not there, it’s not going to work.

Faith is simply trust that something is going to work. You may have no proof, nothing working in your favor, and yet you still believe the Universe is working itself out to give you what you want. You are going to get what you want, because you have faith that it will happen.

It sounds simple, but like I said, you can’t fake it.

Boathouse on the Bay.
Brockville, Ontario. February, 2018.

Faith is Blind Belief

I’ve mentioned before that I was born with little to no vision, I had retinoblastoma. I was told I wouldn’t see, and it was likely both my eyes would need to be removed. My parents were devastated. But that didn’t stop them from giving anything they could. No matter what the doctors said, my parents truly believed there was a way for me to see.

Slowly I was getting better. We were told that my right eye was salvageable, and soon after we were told that so was my left. All of a sudden, I would be keeping both eyes. Pretty special, right? It gets better. My parents had so much faith that I would recover, and continuously I proved the doctors wrong until I was in full remission.

My vision wasn’t great, but I truly thank my parents for having so much belief in me because I know that if they didn’t truly believe I was getting better I probably wouldn’t have. There are so many babies born, even now over 20 years later, who are losing their eyes to retinoblastoma.

No is Not an Answer

Up until the age of 10 I still didn’t see that well. I was always told that I was so fortunate that I even have vision, and that was something I accepted for myself. And I was, and still am, so grateful for the vision I do have. But having gratitude doesn’t mean you can’t want more for yourself

I remember the day I was told I wouldn’t be able to drive. Up to that point the thought that I wouldn’t be “normal” was something I strongly avoided. I hated taking extra help in school, hated any special attention, never wanted the other kids to know I couldn’t see. But not being able to drive was something I would not accept for myself. I remember sitting in the parking lot crying in the car with my mom. I thought my life was over.

You are in control

I had my moment of sadness, but then quickly shifted my mindset to determination rather than accepting my fate. I told myself over and over that I would drive. I would see enough to get my license.

The Universe gives you what you ask for. You just need to ask and have a little faith.

I never doubted I would drive. It was something I innately knew would happen. Not because someone promised it to me but because I promised myself. I just kept hoping and reassuring myself that this was going to happen for me. Then it did.

Faith works

I had my doubts too.  I thought it was kind of cheesy until I read Think and Grow Ritch by Napoleon Hill. He talked about how his son was born with no ears and there was no way in hell he would ever hear. But he did. Napoleon put all his faith into believing his son would hear, and as soon as his son was old enough to be conscious of what was going on, he too would put all his faith into the same thing. And what do you know? Despite all odds the boy could hear.

And I realized – holy shit I did that too, without even knowing it. So I will say again, THIS SHIT WORKS.

There is one catch

You have to know exactly what you want, and you truly have to believe that you can have it.

Don’t hold out on yourself and believe you deserve mediocrity. If you have faith that you will lead an average life, you will lead an average life. You only get what you ask for.

Finally, know that whatever you want can be yours. True and honest, the only person that ever stops you from getting what you deserve is you. Have faith that what you want is available to you, and it will come.

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