Taking Chance and Making Change

At the time that I am writing this Marc and I have less than two weeks until we leave for our adventures. So much has already happened in the past few weeks, it’s crazy how much life can change in 8 weeks. And to believe that in another 8 weeks, it will have changed even more. We will have lived in Hawaii for a month, visited Australia, and for the first time Marc gets to go back to the Philippines to visit family and see where he came from.

Life is really awesome

Honestly, it is. I think we get so wrapped up sometimes in the day-to-day with work, school, mundane tasks, and whatever life throws at us. We forget that we are always growing and open to new experienced if we just allow ourselves to take a few risks.

You can live a long life, a full life, a happy life, an adventurous life. The choice is yours on what you create for yourself. You are not a victim to the world around you, and blaming others for your situation is weak.

I wish there was a way to just insert into your mind that you are the creator of your own reality. And even when you don’t get to control the situation, you get to control how it makes your feel now, and how it makes you grow later. If you are reading this you are already in a better position than most, with a solid internet connection, technology, food and shelter.

It is simpler than you think

Handstand on the bridge.
Toronto, ON, Canada. January, 2018.

To make change in your life. For better or for worse. We get nervous that the change we bring could be bad or that things wont work out the way we plan. Nothing ever does so why freak out about it? Something amazing can happen too. The unexpected can be good. Everything that happens is only a part of your story.

You create your own life

If you want to grow it will be uncomfortable at times, but nobody is stunting your growth. You are always in control – you can try again, try new things, see what works. What is the worst-case scenario? If you can get over that then there is no reason you shouldn’t do it. You’re probably in the worst position right now if you are truly seeking change in the first place.

Nobody can force you to do anything, nobody can make you change, nobody is purposefully ruining your life. If they are for whatever reason then you should at least know that you are not subordinate and you are capable of equal power over yourself. Nobody has more power over you than you.

Be strong

The big thing holding everyone back is fear – of the unknown, of making a mistake, being wrong. Whatever it is. But you have the power to make positive change in your life, and you don’t only get one chance. Put your heart into whatever you want and know that you have an abundance of chances, you just need to take them.

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