​ Packing our Bags: Getting Ready for our Trip Around the World

We quit our jobs, sold our things, and left to travel the world

In January Marc and I decided to travel the world. Impulsive decision? Probably. Worth it? Absolutely.
Although our employment didn’t end favorably (oops), the very first of many lessons we learned was that things aren’t always going to be smooth, nor will they be easy. We sold as much of our things as we could, which also didn’t turn out the way we planned. We packed our things and left.
It wasn’t quite as simple as packing up, letting go, and flying off. Pretty much every attempt we made at selling our things failed. To a point where most of it is sitting in storage. (Anyone need a couch?) And although it may appear that we up and quit our jobs outright – that was absolutely not the case.

The Universe doesn’t work the way you expect

Although everything worked out in the end, as we knew it would, it didn’t go the way we planned. I think that’s why people are scared to take big risks, because we hate not knowing and even more so we hate being wrong.
The point is that it worked. We’re traveling. And even though we know it’s not going to go the way we planned, we know it’s going to work out. Basically we just have a lot of faith we’re going to have a place to stay and enough to eat for the next few months.

Saying Goodbye

The hardest part, I think, was saying goodbye to everyone. I don’t know why, it’s not like we’re headed off to war. Maybe because we know we are going to have changed a lot when we return, so it’s not just saying goodbye to people but also saying goodbye to this version of ourselves.
None the less I am going to miss my mom.

First Flight – Destination Hawaii

I couldn’t say if those 8 weeks between deciding to travel and actually doing it went by fast or slow. Because on one hand they flew right by with all the preparation, but on the other they ticked with anticipation.
Either way we are here now, in Hawaii.
It didn’t seem real. The flight was so nonchalant, I don’t think it clicked. It still hasn’t. I feel like I’m going to wake up in India in 9 months like, what the hell just happened to me? Because it feels so calm and real, but also very dream-like.
I think I feel this way, collected and peaceful, because this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing and where I am supposed to be right now.
Avalon Rae
Avalon Rae

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