Reroute: Seeing Obstacles as Opportunity


Every time something goes wrong it’s so easy to make your initial reaction full of disappointment. You feel victim to your circumstances, you’re doomed to fail now, may as well pack it in.
Koko Crater Railways Trail. Oahu, Hawaii. March, 2018
Koko Crater Railways Trail. Oahu, Hawaii. March, 2018

Stop yourself right there.

If your first reaction when faced with an obstacle is low vibe, it’s time to rethink the way you think. Obstacles are just the Universe telling you there is something better, or that the path you were on isn’t the best one for you. It’s a blunt message that may feel like a set back, but in reality it’s just winding you up for something bigger.

Change your mindset.

You know there is something better out there – but how can you change your reaction so you don’t feel slapped in the face every time something doesn’t work out? This takes practice. Optimism is a habit, and once you master positive thinking the faster and easier it will be to reroute any time there is a set back.

Become a problem solver

No need to be ignorant, clearly when faced with obstacles you are also faced with a problem. But instead of dwelling on it, become solution oriented. How can this situation work out better than you imagined it originally? Did you overlook something the first time?

You’re basically getting a free pass to retry and make changes – take it!

Problems need solutions, and solutions are positive. Focus on the solution not the problem and already you’re sending better vibes to the Universe.

Change directions but don’t stop

You might find that no matter what you try you are receiving resistance. It’s not giving up if you find something better. You are allowed to change your mind, find better ideas, take a new direction.
Every experience you have is preparing you for something better. I used to think it was a waste that I went to university for communications, took every writing, film and drama course I could in high school, and put every ounce of effort into being in the entertainment industry. I ended up as a Personal Trainer – what’s the connection? I thought there was none at the time. But now I find myself using all my skills, fired by my old passion – AND helping people in the health and wellness sector – WHILE travelling the world. If I can get exactly what I want, so can you.

Give yourself time

Life is not a race. Do you really want to finish before everyone else? Probably not. Without trying to sound too cliche, life is all about the journey. And without a few stories and experiences, what did you really get out of it?
Don’t get too caught up in making the most money, having the best things, the perfect job, etc. Everything can be taken away from you in a second – if something externally is holding your happiness by a thread, you have some introspection to do.
Allow yourself the time you need to get to where you want to be. Enjoy the process and the time it takes to get somewhere, because time is one thing you can’t get back. Don’t settle on your goals, have big dreams and work towards them! Just remember that’s your happiness along the way is important too.
My point is, stop stressing, worrying, doubting, and dwelling. When it doesn’t work out, there IS something better for you. Stay positive and know that everything is an opportunity.
Change your outlook.
Change direction.
Change your life.

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