The Key to Success: Making Mistakes


How many times have you made a mistake? And I don’t mean the small things you can brush off and move on from. I mean, how many times have you royally messed up?

Because I can tell you from experience that every time I’ve pushed the boundaries – I’m talking call your mom, you need help, you can’t throw money at this, nothing you can say will make this better kind of situations – I’ve grown. Significantly.
I used to avoid making mistakes. I used to avoid doing things that made me uncomfortable. I used to play it safe every. single. time. And you know what? I was always right. Because when you play it safe there is no room for error.

But little did I know I was so wrong.

If you’ve never been broke, never broken a bone, never broken the law, never broken someone’s heart. If everything in your life has remained intact, have you truly lived?

I used to be the victim and never the villain.

I speak from experience. I used to do everything in my power to keep it together. But it really broke me – I mean, I never took risks, I never tried new things, never pushed my own limits. And I wondered why I always felt trapped. I seriously felt stuck. I felt like I was the victim to every situation.
But then I learned to make decisions for myself. No, you don’t have to be a true villain and go out of your way to hurt people. But you can control your life and stop living for everyone else. And sometimes this will hurt other people or put you in an uncomfortable situations. Figuring out how to fix your mistakes  and learning from them is part of growing as a person. 

Live for yourself.

The fastest way to point B is a straight line. So if you can stop tip toeing around everyone else’s bull, you can get to where you want to be a lot faster – and yes you may have to break a bone or break the bank a few times to get there.

This doesn’t mean to say you have to push past everyone else, hurt people, live ruthlessly and throw your morals out the window. It’s about filling your own cup first. The key to success is making a few mistakes, and if you’re too careful you may never break someone’s heart but you’ll also avoid major breakthroughs on the way.

Test the water.

Go with your gut, try things, and stop worrying about failing. Holding on to your life jacket forever isn’t going to teach you how to swim. And if you can push past the fear of downing you’ll learn there is a lot more to the water than sharks and swallowing currents. There is a whole other world out there you might be too afraid to see.

Make a mistake

The most guilt I have ever felt in my life was not over what I did, but what I didn’t do. And through all the mistakes I’ve made I have learned so much, about myself, other people, and the world around me.
I hate to tell you this, but you are going to make a mistake no matter what. Don’t let that mistake be never trying.
Success comes from trying when nobody else will. Persistence. And not being afraid to make a few mistakes along the way.
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. March, 2018.
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. March, 2018.

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