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Sydney, Australia

Learning from Experience

We arrived in Sydney two weeks ago. After a 10 hour flight and the usual annoyance that comes with travel, we were not in the mood for what was to come.
Traveling in Hawaii was easy. We were there for a month, had a decent place to stay, and getting there was pretty easy.
Sydney, not so much. Not only was the flight long but arranging visas and baggage was also hectic.
The place we ended up at was a mess. To say the least. We knew we had to find somewhere else to stay. Basically we spent the first 3 days in Sydney trying to sort out our accommodations. Not ideal, but just one of the many curve balls life and traveling throws at you.
We ended up in a hostel, Maze Backpackers, and loved it. Staying here gave us so many new ideas not only about traveling, but for work and business too. We were constantly surrounded by a ton of people having fun and doing the same thing we are.
Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.
Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.

Highlights from Sydney

We didn’t expect Sydney to be as big as it was – there is SO much to see here and between work and fitness and trying to experience what the city has to offer there is so much.

Here are a few of our favorite things from the trip:

Manly – we went to Many by ferry to check out the area, see the beach, and hike a little. Though the hike was unexpectedly long and we couldn’t do the whole thing, we found ourselves exploring – and loving – this area. It’s very quaint with little restaurants and shops, a long beach that isn’t as crowded as Bondi or Coogee, infinity pools, and a lot less buzz than the main city.
Bondi to Coogee Walk – this Walk had some of the most breathtaking views I have

Bondi to Coogee. Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.
Bondi to Coogee. Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.

ever seen. With a mix of ocean, beach, stunning coastal views, a surprisingly beautiful cemetery, quiet paths, parks, cliffs, and so much more – you really see it all.

Spice Alley – an awesome little nook in the city to find authentic Asian food in a very quaint environment. We had Thai food because it was labelled gluten free – but there were so many different cousines to choose from. It was all pretty reasonable priced, smelled absolutely amazing, and the decor creates a great atmosphere. Although it is pretty busy and not a place to spend a long time eating, it was so much fun and the food was great.
Sunset at Watson’s Bay – Sydney being on the east island doesn’t see too many sunsets – but we were not disappointed at Watson’s Bay. You can ask Marc – I will hike across the city to see a beautiful sunset, as I have proved many times. The area is accessible by car, bus, and ferry, so it is easy to get to and from (the walk would be very long and the bus takes about an hour from Ultimo so I recommend ferry or driving). So worth it! There is also a restaurant there you can eat and drink at while you watch the sunset.
Watson's Bay. Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.
Watson’s Bay. Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.
Outdoor Gyms – Sydney has many outdoor gym so you can really get by without a gym membership here. Marc and I didn’t get a gym membership nor did we have

Darling Quarter, Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.
Darling Quarter, Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.

access to a gym while we were here. That didn’t mean that we didn’t get a workout in however. Our favorite spot we found was at the Darling Quarter near the Darling Harbor. Though we love the gym it was fun to challenge ourselves with calisthenics and Bodyweight Training.

Traveling is what you make it

I have loved traveling so far. I love trying new food, walking different cities, hiking, experiencing the fitness culture, meeting people. One thing I thought before traveling was that I don’t love partying or shopping or any of the stuff you see on Instagram or the internet as highlights for travelers. I do love trying the food and hiking, and exploiting the different areas in a city. I love being near the water and doing my own thing. My point is, traveling is what you make of it. There is no right or wrong way to explore. You are going to get the most out of seeing the world by doing the things you love.
Yes try new things and step outside your comfort zone, that is what it’s all about. But don’t feel that just because you’re not doing what everyone else is doing or that because you don’t enjoy the same things as everyone else doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong!
Bondi to Coogee. Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.
Bondi to Coogee. Sydney, Australia. April, 2018.
Next stop is Manila and Palawan in The Philippines. I can already tell we will be thrown more curve balls and have many new experiences here.

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