Earning Greatness: What it Takes to be Great

You have to earn greatness.

Greatness isn’t given to those who are not ready to receive it. Like that old adage:
Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime
Just like that, having money doesn’t make you great. Having a car and a job doesn’t make you great either. What makes you great is your ability to navigate through life with confidence. Your resilience and mental toughness. Greatness comes from experience.

You might not be ready for it

That’s a hard pill to swallow – you’re not ready to be great. But drink up and listen to what I have to say.
You’re not ready, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. You have personal growing to do before you are truly ready to receive what life has to offer you.
If you got it right the first time you learned to walk you wouldn’t know how it feels to fall down. Falling hurts. I remember my grandpa told me once, “people aren’t scared of falling, they’re afraid of landing.” And I realize now that landing is hitting rock bottom and not knowing how to get back up. Feeling crippled and scared to try again. There’s hope in never trying because we’ll always wonder, right? Well after countless failed attempts at walking, you built so much core strength, stability and awareness, that you walk with confidence. You don’t hope every morning you will be able to walk today. You just do, empowered and free.
There was a process to get yourself to where you are today. Not an easy one. It took years and there were obstacles. You may love where you are now, and that’s important too, but remember you still on your way.

Railway Trail. Oahu, Hawaii. March, 2018.
Railway Trail. Oahu, Hawaii. March, 2018.

The view is not better from the top, only different

It’s not about achieving greatness, it’s about loving the things that made you great. You’re already great, but what I mean is that you probably visualize success as looking a certain way and don’t see the beauty in what you already have.
The ocean floor is beautiful. There is no much life and colour down there that you can’t see from the surface. But from the bottom of the ocean floor to the top of the highest mountain there is beauty everywhere. Standing at the peak of a climb, viewing everything below you, you think you can see it all – but you can’t. You can’t see the bottom of the ocean floor or between the trees beneath you. You won’t truly know what you’re looking at below unless you’ve been there. Experience is knowing, and you have to appreciate the experience.
What I’m saying is, you wouldn’t appreciate greatness without experience. What your greatness is differs from mine, you may want what I have, and I may want what you have. But we’re all coming from different places and headed in different directions.

You’re ready

Start the journey before your ready. That way, when you are ready for greatness, it’s right there waiting for you.

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