Drowning in Shallow Water

Drowning in Shallow Water


We think we are drowning, and so we do.

We gasp for air as water washes over us. Panting and panicking, we look for something to hold on to.

It’s ok, something tells us, but we refuse to listen.

We think we are alone, and so the current pushes us further and further from shore. We cry out, but nobody listens and so our voice makes no sound.

It is going to be ok, the voice keeps saying – but you don’t believe it.

You give up, you can’t swim anymore. Your foot brushes through sand with your last attempt to stay afloat. But now you’re too tired to stand up.

The ocean floor was there the whole time, but you couldn’t see it because you were too busy trying to swim. The tide tried to bring you in, but you resisted the current. Everything was there to help you, yet you wouldn’t let it.

And we spend our lives this way, resisting support because we think things have to be a certain way.

But the truth is the Universe is here to help us, even when we don’t believe it is. And the Universe has its own plan for you, how everything is going to work out.

And as you relax, letting go of your control, the water pulls you back to shore.

The Universe always has your back. If you can trust the process everything will always be ok.

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