The Rat Race

The Rat Race

The thing about life is that we are all searching for the same thing. What is that exactly? We don’t know.

Some sort of meaning or purpose that fulfills us.

We want to feel special. We have this complex that we are different from everyone else. Nobody understands us. And we are oh so important.

It’s not false, we are unique and special, and our existence is important. However, we are all very much going through the same thing.

We try to get ahead, earn a living, save for retirement, subconsciously hoping and dreaming for a brighter solution. But that never comes, not to most.

And when we do find pretty shiny things, it turns out they only glimmer from afar.

We are just the rats in the rat race, trying to get ahead so we can find meaning in our life.

But what if we stopped running in this race? What if you didn’t need to get ahead to win?

What if life wasn’t about getting ahead of everyone else, but rather learning we are stronger together?

The irony of the rat race is that nobody wins.

You can’t win.

And you die trying.

What if it wasn’t a race? But a dance?

What if it wasn’t linear? Just a pattern?

What if, the point wasn’t to move past one another? Rather, to move together?

And what if there was no competition at all?

The irony of the rat race is that nobody wins.

It’s not a race, just a flicker of something bigger.

And you can’t see it because you’re in it.

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