Why are money and love so important in the economy of our own value? Perhaps we’re stuck trying to make meaning between time and space. Money occupying time, love taking up space. We want to be liked and to feel abundant. But what do “successful” people do? They hack that. They don’t trade time for money and they don’t care to be loved by everyone.


Money is a means to an end, so why is it so important? Because it’s a measurement. Of progress, efficiency, effectiveness, time well spent, value, how much you’re worth per hour. It measures how much you have, how much you’re worth, how much you matter. And love, while an end in itself, is used as a means to an end. It also measures how valued we are, how good of a person, how much we are cared for, how important we are. It’s like we spend life trying to collect as much money and love as we can.


I don’t agree. I don’t believe money and love are parallels for time and space, but it seems they are treated that way. We’ve set up society so that everything is measurable and quantifiable. Your positioning between time and space is much like that of money and love. To have one you may have to give up the other, a complex relationship we perceivably exist between.


I don’t know what this relationship means, and I don’t know why I think it’s so important. But I know these things don’t come from outside, validation through money and love, but from within. Because money can’t buy everything, and love isn’t going to fill you if you don’t love yourself.

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