Writing Your Story

Writing Your Story

We can control our mood, our emotions, and our mind. I believe we can control our state of health, our circumstances and our environment – at least to some degree. It is easy to react and dwell, as opposed to being proactive and accepting what is. It’s easy to say, “I can’t” and tell yourself the story about how you could have if…

But you are writing your story right now. You write it with the words you tell yourself, the voice in your head, how you react and respond, the mood you choose to be in. Every day it a good day. “Today is an amazing day” could be your opening line very morning if you choose to write it in. You could be about to embark on a new adventure, you could be writing a love story, a comedy, a story about great friendships and overcoming obstacles. You can write any story you want – it’s your story.

You choose it all. You get to write about the main character – what they’re like, who they meet, what they do. You choose the setting, and many of the obstacles and conflicts to be resolved. You choose when a chapter ends and a new one begins. Sometimes your story may take unexpected turns, but you can find creative ways to turn things around.

It’s your story, and you get to write it any way you want.

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