Writing Your Story – Falling in Love with the Main Character

Writing Your Story – Falling in Love with the Main Character

What makes a good story? A main character we lean to love. We may not love them right away, and we often understand they’re not perfect – but we love them because we relate to their imperfections. We love to see them succeed as they overcome obstacles, we love to watch them grow and learn as they develop over time. We understand they’re not perfect, they’ve made mistakes, and maybe they’ve come from a hard past, experienced trauma, or have a lot to learn.

We don’t want to see the main character get hurt, we want to see them succeed, and we want a happy ending. We learn to care for the main character overtime, even if they’re still not perfect.

You are the main character if your life. You can choose to love yourself, overcome challenges as best you can, fight for things and people you care about. You can develop you character over time, making changes when things don’t suit you anymore. Your character can be kind, patient and loving, or bold, daring and courageous. Your character can make mistakes, take risks, and have experiences. Or they can be comfortable in their own skin.

Whoever your character is, I sincerely hope you learn to love them over the course of your story. I hope you are patient with them, understanding, and kind. I hope you treat them with respect and give them the love and attention they need. I hope you choose to write your main character into adventures, self-growth, and experiences. I hope your main character meets other wonderful characters who they learn from and go on great adventures with. Most importantly, I hope you love your main character, and that you are forgiving and grateful for who they are.

We don’t choose to read books or watch movies when we can’t get along with the main character. Or at least, these stories are far less enjoyable. In my opinion, it would be a shame if you spent years writing a story, and never got to understand who the main character really was, and never learned to love them for who they are.

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